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Floating Oyster Mesh Bag

Feeding the oysters in the floating oyster bags or floating oyster cages is the best solution to get good oysters currently.

Product Description

Oyster Mesh Bags Description

oyster mesh bags

Oyster Mesh Bags can be made into Oyster Mesh Bags, which are made of high-density polyethylene. Oyster Mesh Bags are mainly used for oyster farming. The Oyster Mesh Bags of oysters can provide a safe growth environment for oysters. Oyster Mesh Bags can be used on the seashore, seabed and sea surface. The material is durable, inert and safe, does not rust and can be in direct contact with the crop. Oyster Mesh Bags provides protection and better growth for oysters, clams and mussels. Oyster Mesh Bags is black color allows it to be visible when submerged in the sea. It's known as the important material for making the products of growing oysters, such as the oyster bags, oyster trays, oyster cages, etc.

oyster mesh bags description

Oyster Mesh Bags Feeding the oysters in the Oyster Mesh Bags or floating oyster cages is the best solution to get good oysters currently. Floating on the surface, the oysters can get more nutrient and oxygen in the water, so the oyster grow faster and better than using the traditional way. It also keep the oysters' shell cleaner than the oysters feeding under the water.

Most of the oysters growing in the floating bags have a nice and uniform shell.

Oyster Mesh Bags reduces the cost of oysters feeding, and good for enviroment.

There are mainly two kind of Oyster Mesh Bags: oysters bags with hard bullet-shaped floats, oyster bags with foam floats. They are popular in the North America and Australia respectively.

They consist of one bag two floats, and two clips for catching the long line.

We supply the Oyster Mesh Bags with stainless steel shark clips. T-storm clips. If you want to use your own clips,we also may supply the floating bags without clips too.

With one end is hog-rings closed,the other end is closed with the hooks or pins. 2~3 heavy-duty zip ties tie the floats to the oyster bags firmly. Two stainless steel shark clips or twists storm clips connect the bags to the long line, without moving even in the terrible weather.

You may also buy the material from us, and assemble your own design Oyster Mesh Bags.

oyster mesh bags

Material: High-density polyethylene. HTPE

Mesh size: 4mm, 6mm, 9mm, 13mm and 23mm.

Bag size: 0.4m×1m, 0.5m×1m.

Mesh type: diamond or square, can provide reinforced mesh type.

Bag side: sealed.

Edge treatment: hot pressing.

Color: generally black and white.

Packing: rolls or bundles.

Oyster Mesh Bags Feature

Chemical resistance:The HDPE flat oyster mesh is made of 100% new anti-UV treatment high density polyethylene. 

Durable: These high-quality, durable bags are designed for oyster farming in surface and long-line systems.

Minimal maintenance:

Helps the growth of oysters.

Provides diamond and square mesh patterns, which are suitable for all growth methods.

Square mesh bags having a side reinforcing member, once the bag can be shaped to provide greater structural integrity.

Diamond mesh bags do not need to be reinforced along the side surface, thereby providing a greater flow of water and float easily.

Oyster Mesh Bags Application

Oyster Mesh Bags are mainly used in the growth period of oysters, which can protect oysters from natural enemies and birds.

Oyster Mesh Bags can gather oysters together and increase the production of oysters.

Oyster Mesh Bags can be used as egg nets to breed oyster eggs.

Oyster Mesh Bags

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